Civil Talents. Com train young civil engineers into top-notch professionals who can take up challenging roles in the construction industry. Our carefully designed training programmes seek to fill the gaps that exist in the academia and the industry. From helping you clear your professional review with flying colours to giving you the right practical skills, our programmes cover a wide range of highly relevant themes in civil engineering.


KeralaEngineer.Com is the official website of Lal Associates, a leading consultants in construction industry in South India. We offer variety of services to our clients. Quality customer support, aesthetic and economic designs, timely delivery with quality and safety make us unique. This firm was started in 1989 by Er. Suresh Lal SD, then a fresh Civil Engineering graduate from College of Engineering Trivandrum (CET). Now, after 30 years of rigorous exposure in construction field in India and abroad; in private and public; in residential and commercial; in small scale and corporate, we are equipped to take up any challenges in Project Management Consultancy (PMC) and Construction Management(CM) with core values and ethics.


‘Vaastu’ is the study of ‘vas‘. (‘Vas‘ is a Sanskrit word means ‘place to dwell’). Based on Indian mythology, Vaastu is believed to be originated from Brahma, the God of Creations. Through generations of Sages and Munis this knowledge system has been transferred to us. In ancient period it was simply a code of ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ in the construction practice on the basis of the belief system existed in India. This bye-laws were followed strictly till Bharath started ruled by invaders. Now in the current era of free living, we are admiring this is the greatest contribution our ancestors left for us and for the rest of the world!
Recently people show interest in this subject and and try to follow Vaastu for their construction activities. We share and propagate the right information only. We do not support any kind of superstition or misguiding information. Being a person with strong technical background, engineering qualification and vast construction experience in India and abroad, it is my duty to share my acquired knowledge.

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