Do you own a Healthy House ?

Houses were once thought to be a blessing to humans. Despite the fact that many people at the time did not have their own shelters. Nowadays, the vast majority of people have their own place to live. Our standard of living has also increased significantly.[…]

FengShui Nitya Jeevithathil

PIN Feng Shui in daily life
FengShui Nityajeevithathil [ഫെൻഗ്ഷൂയി നിത്യജീവിതത്തിൽ] is my third book and the 2nd one published through DC Books, Kottayam. This books describes lot about the ancient Chinese art or placement and Interior decoration. It has some links with traditional Indian Vaasthu. You can read more about the[…]

Jeevanulla Kettidangal

PIN Living Buildings by Suresh Lal SD
Jeevanulla Kettidangal [ജീവനുള്ള കെട്ടിടങ്ങൾ] is my second book, published by DC Books. This book is based on Bau-Biology (Building Biology) considering all buildings as living objects. This book has a special mention regarding Sick Buildings Syndrome also. Only a few copies are left with us.

Kettidam Paniyum Munpe

‘Kettidam Paniyum Munpe‘ [കെട്ടിടം പണിയും മുന്പേ] is a reputed Malayalam Book narrating the steps one should take if he planning to construct a home. This is my first Book and it was well appreciated by the common man as well as the builder society. It[…]